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BoCTRe Goals & Objectives

This project is aimed at capacity building and strengthening of the NEC, IRBs, NRA and clinical trial investigators.
  1. To conduct a baseline assessment of clinical trials capacity for the NEC, IRBs and NRA in terms of:
    • Clinical trials approval and inspection Processes and Procedures.
    • Skills and competencies of the NEC, IRBs, clinical investigators and NRA.
    • Electronic data management system for efficient submission, review and response.
  2. To build capacity of the NEC, IRBs, NRA and investigators.
  3. To promote regional networking and benchmarking on best practices.
  4. To address emerging clinical trials components, such as, genomics, bio-banking, medical equipment and devices.
  5. To develop an electronic system to improve efficiency.

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About BoCTRe

Botswana Clinical Trials Regulation (BoCTRe) project is a joint initiative of BoMRA (NRA) and Health Research and Development Committee (HRDC), MoHW.

NRA (BoMRA) and National Ethics Committee (HRDC), through this project, seek to build capacity by focusing on globally specified regulatory strengthening initiatives.


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