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Posted by: Oduetse

11-22 September 2023




The Ministry of Health, Health Research and Development Division (HRDD), University of Botswana, Office of Research and Development (ORD) with the support of BoCTRe project undertook a trip to Maun and Gantsi to capacitate the Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). 

The workshops were conducted in Maun and Gantsi for a week each group. Maun team was facilitated on the 11th – 15th September 2023 and Gantsi on the 18th – 22nd September 2023. The first group which was at Cresta Rileys Hotel, Maun had 12 participants from Maun DHMT, and 4 facilitators. The second workshop which was held in Gantsi Grand Guesthouse, had 10 participants from Gantsi DHMT and 3 facilitators.

Broad Objective
To build capacity of NEC, IRBs, NRA and investigators.

Specific Objectives

  • To build capacity amongst participants on review and appraisal of research protocols
  • Decentralization of health research protocols review
  • Brainstorm on how the review process will be implemented and monitored

1.     Kgomotso Motlhanka

2.     Gosaitse Tubatsi

3.     Kealeboga Malatelele

4.     Basutli Ramontshonyana

5.     Oduetse Moaletsane

Attendance Distribution

Attandance Dist Maun and Gantsi


1.      History of Research Ethics

2.      Regulation of research ethics

  • International Guidelines
  • National Guidelines
  • Case study

3.      Good clinical practice

4.      Fundamental Ethical Principles

5.      Informed consent &Assent

6.      Research Requiring vulnerable populations

7.      Research Proposal Format

8.      Assessing Risk benefit Analysis

9.      Research Requiring special considerations

10.   Community Engagement

11.   Audits & Inspections

12.   Fundamentals and Elements of the review process

13.   Special considerations during the review process

14.   Health Research & Development Division (HRDD) forms:

15.   Composition and management of IRBs

16.   The role and responsibilities of reviewers and IRB members in the review process

17.   IRB communicating with investigator, regulatory body

Recommendations/Action to be taken
1.     Create a WhatsApp group, where discussions and clarifications can be sought and open discussions to all IRBs

2.     Training need to be allocated more time

3.     More feedback needed on studies done in our facilities

4.     Consider having officers of Research in Districts

5.     Committee members should do free online ethics courses, HRDD will share online course/conferences and invitation to join in training other IRBs


The training sessions went distinctively. Trainees actively participated in lengthy discussions and asked questions. Participants wish for continued interaction and good communication with both NRA and NEC. The trainings ended with module assessment and overall training evaluation. Pre and Post Assessments revealed a significant improvement in understanding of the modules. With regard to post training evaluations, It showed overall satisfaction and different suggestions and recommendations were noted.



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Botswana Clinical Trials Regulation (BoCTRe) project is a joint initiative of BoMRA (NRA) and Health Research and Development Committee (HRDC), MoHW.

NRA (BoMRA) and National Ethics Committee (HRDC), through this project, seek to build capacity by focusing on globally specified regulatory strengthening initiatives.


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